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Meet Lorena

Lorena Austin, a fifth-generation Arizonan with deep roots in Mesa, has dedicated their life to advocacy and leadership. Lorena's grandparents owned and operated Albert's Market in the Washington/Escobedo Park neighborhood for decades, known for serving all in their community. Their father is a local civil rights attorney, and their mother is a former social worker and teacher. Lorena is most inspired by their grandmother, Margarita Navarro, whose tireless work ethic as a farmworker taught Lorena to work hard and show up for their family and community. Raised by a family committed to community service, Lorena learned the value of hard work and compassion early on. Despite facing financial struggles during their childhood, their family's resilience and determination instilled in them a drive to make a difference.

Beto Austin in Alberts Market Truck- Square.jpg

Lorena's Tata, Albert "Beto" Austin, in his work truck, Albert's Market in Mesa 1950's.

Frederick Levi Austin Maria Delgado Family- Square.jpg

Lorena's great-grandparents who lived in Pinal County in the 1860's

After graduating from Mesa Community College and later earning a degree in U.S. & Mexican Regional Immigration Policy, summa cum laude, from Arizona State University, Lorena embarked on a diverse career spanning the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Their work with Verizon's Innovative Learning Program and a decade of working within the Maricopa County Community College District demonstrates their devotion to enhancing education and amplifying student voices.

Gov Youth Commis.png

As a proud Mesa native, Lorena has remained actively engaged in their community, volunteering with various organizations. Their dedication to activism extends to their role as a State House Representative in Arizona, where they have tirelessly fought for access to abortion, funding Pre-K-20 public schools, and championed LGBTQ+ rights. In their first term, Lorena was able to secure $40 million dollars for the Arizona Promise Program, which helps fund college education for Arizona students.

Driven by their firsthand experience of the housing challenges in Mesa, Lorena is working to create more affordable housing options in their district. Their efforts include advocating for the construction of smaller, more affordable homes to address the pressing need for housing.

As a State House Representative, Lorena’s advocacy extends to critical issues such as ensuring abortion access, preserving water supply, and expanding affordable housing options. Their fearlessness in confronting injustice and amplifying marginalized voices embodies her relentless pursuit of a fair and inclusive society.

LGBTQ+ Youth Matter.heic

Currently, Lorena serves on the State House Appropriation and Commerce committees, is the Secretary of the Latino Caucus, and is a member of the LGBTQ+ Caucus.

Driven by a vision of progress and equity, Lorena Austin continues to inspire positive change by bringing the voice of their community to Arizona’s social and political landscape.

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