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Meet Lorena

Lorena Austin is a 5th generation Arizonan whose lifelong love for advocacy and leadership has been rooted in Mesa for almost a century.  For over twenty years, Austin’s grandparents owned and operated Albert’s Market in Mesa, which served all residents including minorities residing in segregated neighborhoods. They were well known in Mesa for serving on community boards that advocated for equity and inclusion.


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Lorena On the Issues
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Education must be a priority for Arizona. We can no longer afford to be ranked #49 in education funding per pupil. Currently, Arizona ranks #50 in teacher pay.

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The current rising housing costs have left many residents of Mesa in limbo. Residents who once saw a future of owning a house now face the real possibility of relocation.

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The policies we enact to fight Climate change will define this the survival of generations to come. Arizona’s 20- year drought lacks sustainable policies and plans to ensure responsible water usage.

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“I have known Lorena for six years, and her dedication and service to Mesa has inspired people to create positive change. As we face unprecedented challenges, now more than ever, we need a Representative embedded deeply in the community to be our voice at the state capitol. I am proud to support Lorena’s candidacy for State Representative in District 9.”

- Francisco Heredia, Vice Mayor of Mesa, Arizona

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